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The Hamboard story revolves around a family of 7 surfers from Huntington Beach, California.  Over the years of living close to the beach the 5 brothers would grow to love the ocean and become Lifeguards or Junior Lifeguards.  They would try new adventures; diving, spear fishing, bodysurfing the Wedge, and finding new ways to have fun in the ocean.  With no intentions of designing a new style of skateboards or making a product, they simply wanted to make something that felt like they were riding a surfboard when they rode it. The result is the HAMBOARD, which has a phenomenal similarity to surfing!


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Buy Gas? Get Altered!




Walk to the nose, hang ten, back step into a drop knee turn and carve sharper than you could of thought possible, and the whole time it feels like you’re out in the water on your surfboard. It is a big board, but don’t be deceived by the length or width. This board will whip thru turns and convey the feeling of flow you won’t get with other boards anywhere! Lets go SURFSKATE!

DAT NU HAMBOO! - The Bamboo Fish $375.95 (4'5") and The Bamboo Classic $444.95 (6'6")
Designed, finished, and assembled by Hamboards in California it contains 100%  “Green“ renewable Bamboo. check em' out >

THE BAMBOO CLASSIC (6'6"x15") - $444.95
The Bamboo Classic is designed, finished, and assembled by Hamboards in California it contains 100%  “Green“ renewable Bamboo., complete with wheels, trucks & bearings. Deck Surface: Exclusive baked on Glossy/Grippy deck coating. Wheels: ABEC 11's Top-of-the-Line 97mm Flywheels, Trucks: Original S8, Bearings: Biltin ABEC 7 bearings.check em' out >

THE BAMBOO FISH (4'5"x17") - $375.95
More maneuverable, easier to transport, the Fish specializes in driving rail-to-rail surfskate turns, delivering that powerful pumping acceleration that only a surfer knows.  Remember pumping down the line into that last critical turn you pulled?  Ya, like that.  If the Classic is the Cruiser – the Fish is the sports car. Every Hamboard Fish is a unique hand done work of art crafted by Peter Hamborg. Wheels: ABEC 11's Top-of-the-Line 97mm Flywheels, Trucks: Original S8, Bearings: Biltin ABEC 7 bearings. Surface: Our exclusive baked on Glossy/Grippy deck coating. check em' out >


Altered® Electric Hamboard by Exkate® - Coming Soon!
ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL! Ok, this is what you get when three friends bump into each other in a beach parking lot... well maybe if one of them's Chris Chaput, for this time he gets the credit for "Putting the Peanut Butter in the Chocolate!". So you've seen the videos and heard that Hamboards, Altered & ABEC 11 are up to some crazy fun stuff! Well it's time has come and soon you'll be able to get a Limited Edition of your own. But for now you'll have to Hang Ten on the Waiting List. Just give us a call for more info. Check out Chris Chaput rocking the Altered Electric Hamboard!

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*For purchasing and sales information, please contact us toll-free at 1 (800) 214-3595.
Hours: M-F 10am - 5pm Pacific Time. Fast Flat Rate Shipping Available!

* We strongly recommend wearing a Helmet & Pads while riding longboards & powerboards at all times.


EXKATE® / ALTERED™ Electric Skateboards by Exkate®
26212 Dimension Dr, Suite 160. Lake Forest, CA 92630
phone: 949.951.9500 or toll-free ordering: 800.214.3595
email: admin@exkate.com

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